September 18, 2014 Hop Bombshells Meeting

This week's meeting was all about ryes with a Know-Your-Beer style presentation given by Jamie. Samples were provided for tasting some of the variations on the style:
- Weihenstephaner - (the best substitute for a Roggenbier we could find in Utah, USA) A roggenbier typically has a grain bill of 60% or more rye and the rest made up of barley
- Avenues Proper Rye Saison - had a rye spice finish with a saison yeast flavor, which seemed to bring the rye flavor to the front of the flavor profile
- Deserty Edge Road Rage Rye - More towards the Rye-PA style with a mild rye flavor, and a lager profile
- Epic's Rio's Rompin' Rye - Very sweet taste up front with a strong maltiness, and a heavier hop flavor than rye spiciness
- Beer Here Ryehpper Rye-PA - Heavy IPA influence, bit of a strong alcohol taste, with earthy, piney Noble hop flavor and a good malt base
- Green Flash Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA - Kick you in the teeth bitterness with the hop profile, no rye flavor to be found, but had a good reddish rye color
Queen of Beer entries are due Sept 29th if you are having the club pay and ship for you. Please drop off at the Beer Nut no later than this date. If you are shipping yourself, they need to be postmarked by 
Oct 3rd (but that's probably pushing it, since they need to be there by the 4th). 
We have a new member (who we may not see as often as we want because of a new night job), Yana. She's planning on being at our Big Brew, so say hello if you weren't at the meeting. 


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