September 12, 2013 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Rose hosted our Hop Bombshells meeting today in her beautiful garden of hops, flowers and vegetables. Thanks Rose!!!


We gained a new member, Kera Murphy. Welcome Kera!

Travis Grim spoke with us about the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). He walked us through a tasting sheet and brought 2 different beers for us to judge. He described the exam and how you get scored. 

Here's an excerpt of what I wrote down while drinking beer and listening to him:

The BJCP exam works in parts. First is an online test, then an in person tasting exam. Here's some of the stuff you will need to be an expert on to pass the exam:

  • Know each BJCP style, their characteristics and guidlines
  • You are graded on your descriptions on the beers based on the style, so you have to be as descriptive as possible
  • They will give you a beer with something added to see if you pick up an off flavor
  • You have to know what causes off flavors in beers and give suggestions on how to fix that. 

Travis studied for his BJCP exam by taking an online class where you meet online with the teacher and other students, drink beers together, judge the beers, and get graded on your descriptions of the beers. He said he wrote over 65 beer scoresheets before taking the exam. The week before his exam, he was writing 4-5 scoresheets a night. 

Here's some other stuff we learned in Rose's beautiful garden while lightning struck from the west:

  • Mr Malty has calculators that are helpful (
  • To prevent off flavors during fermentation, it is best to ferment at a lower temperature then increase the temperature after fermentation has finished
  • Diactyl:
    • Butter popcorn flavor
    • Slick, oily mouthfeel
    • Produced during fermentation
    • Yeast will reabsorb diactyl if you increase the temperature 10F after fermentation has finished, this is a diatyl rest
  • Pisner malt
    • Think Germany or college (depending on where you went)
    • Smells like graham crackers with upfront sweetness
    • Produces DMS precursors, need to do a  rolling 90 min boil to get rid of the DMS


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