Sept 11, 2015 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Triangle Test

Kat explained how to conduct a triangle test based on the brewing book Experimental Homebrewing by Drew Beechum and Denny Conn.  A triangle test is a way to objectively test if a brewing method or ingredient actually changed the taste of the homebrew.  It is done by setting up a blind (the participants do not know which beer is different)or double blind ( the person pouring does not know which beer is different) experiment where participants try three beers.  They are told that one is different than the other two and they have to determine which one and what is different.   Kat brewed two beers one where the fermentation temperature was carefully control and that the temperature was not controlled.  She had Kelsey pour the beer into three pitchers labeled A,B and C.  Club members were giving a sheet to fill out and determine which beer was different and why.  Some club members also brought SMASH beers (Single Malt Single Hop) to share.  SMASH beers can help the brewster know what the particulate hop used taste like.  Members brought SMASH beers brewed with ace, nelson and citra hops.


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