October 10, 2013 Hop Bombshells Meeting

We got a lot of things done this meeting! It was very productive.  Thank you everyone who gave us some great suggestions on the direction of our club (re-capped below).

We gained two new members: Misti and Sharon. Welcome ladies!

Jamie announced that our beer club is officially a 501c3. We have a constitution and bylaws drafted, as soon as it is finalized we will vote on it officially at our next meeting.  Officers for the Board of Directors are:

  President - Jamie

  Vice President/Webmaster - Becky

  Secretary - Tiffany

  Treasurer - Emily

  Membership Director - Brittany 

Brittany introduced a new logo done by one of her friends. We made a few suggestions for a couple changes, but it is seriously awesome. Hopefully we'll have it next meeting to show everyone.

We also got to see a proof of the calendar - they should be finished by Oct. 22and then we can start selling.  Part of our profits are going to go to two charities (as part of the tax-exempt 501c3 filing), so if you have a particular charity in mind, please send suggestions to Wendy or Yolanda, our Charity Activities Directors.

As everyone was suggesting ideas for the direction of the club, it seemed there were a few common threads: more education through experiments at the club meetings, more socializing and getting together to drink/talk beer, highlighting beer styles in BJCP guidelines, and brewing together as a group. So we decided:

  1) We focus on education and styles during our official meetings

  2) Set up brew days quarterly at someone's house or Beer Nut

  3) Perhaps designate a day we can meet at a brewpub or bar just to socialize.  

If anyone has any more suggestions, please let us know.  There's also talk of using our proceeds to take a road trip as a group or buy equipment for the club to use.

So next meeting (Thursday Nov. 14) we are going to attempt our nanomashing experiment again. Emily P will present on stouts and we will be starting an open Q&A 15-min session if you have any brewing questions or problems, we would be happy to discuss them.

Our next brew day is Nov. 10th and will be a stout. We loved staggering the times of each brew started and pairing off experts/novices, so we are going to do that again. It will be at Emily P's house and the staggered times will start at 10:00.  If you are interested, please email Emily P. This is a great opportunity to see how others brew.

Thank you to those who brought your Bier de Garde brewed at our Brew Day for us to try, they were all very tasty.  Here's hoping we kill it tomorrow at the Queen of Beers!



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