November 13, 2014 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Hi ladies--

We have some important news to deliver!

First, Dave Watson, Education Ambassador of the Utah Brewers Guild, visited us to reach out to homebrewers to help bolster the local breweries and to find out how the Guild could help us.  The Utah Brewers Guild is a non-profit determined to promote craft beer and the interests of the Utah brewing community ( or  What we would like from the guild as a club? He would like to work together using their resources to help us. What does a beer enthusiast want?  We had a few suggestions such as brewing as a club at local breweries (like we did at the Annex) or doing a type of "members only" type of beer-drinking event. Dave is also thinking about doing a beer education  event(s) where participants get quizzed on certain things and earn certificates or something like that -- you know, for bragging rights. He would love to have some help from us to help staff the event. He will have more info if this does come to fruition.

Another important announcement, our December meeting will be Thursday the 11th, 7:00pm at the Desert Edge Brewery, and we have the upper level to ourselves. The club will be able to buy a few appetizers, but please plan on buying drinks or any extra food. This is also a mixer, so your SO or a friend is invited. 

We would also like to get some ideas for 2015 meetings. What do you want to learn, do, experiment, or drink? Please give us feedback, we want to make sure you are loving these meetings. How can we as a board do better? Is there something you would like to do at the meetings? Please email ideas to Jamie or any one of us (Emily, Becky, Brittany or I). We got some great feedback last night too.

It was great seeing everyone that made it last night and we hope to see you in December!


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