March 13, 2014 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Last night's meeting was great! Becky had a wide variety of American and English Pales and IPA's to try. For those who were unable to attend, here are the charts:

Know Your Beer: Pale Ale


We had two new girls show up - Loriann and Adriana. Welcome ladies!

We have new business cards and stickers. They are currently at The Beer Nut if you would like one. 

Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 10 at 7:00 p.m. It is our cider/yeast experiment so it is important that all who made cider make it to the meeting. You won't need to bring the entire gallon back, just a growler if you have it or its equivalent in bottles. 

We will be brewing as a group on Sunday, March 23 at Chelsea's house.We will start as early as 10 a.m. and need to be finished before 5 p.m.  We need to know who is interested in brewing that day so we can make teams. We will be making a Pale Ale and preferably with extract. If you choose to brew an all-grain batch, please volunteer for the first shift. Those who are interested in doing an extract with steeping grains, there are three ingredient kits that are available to us for free. The only thing that is needed from said kits is: (4) 22 oz bottles and (6) 12 oz. bottles. There are some bottles that were donated at The Beer Nut. 

We looked at shirt options for printing. Any shirt can be screen printed (work shirt or other style). The dickies style work shirts that I have were purchased from

We also talked about doing a booth at this years Mountain Brewers Beer Fest up in Idaho Falls. We need to serve beer and/or sell merchandise, but booths are free to rent out. We decided to push that for 2015 instead and just check it out this year - I don't think we can get merchandise in time with all the other things we are doing now.


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