March 12, 2015 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Our March meeting was met with great success, and 20 attendees. We added six new members this meeting as well; welcome Brandi, Rachel, Rachel, Stacy, Lillian and Lessie! Lots of information covered, including history of beer brewing and a nanomashing experiment.

Dues are due at the April meeting. As a reminder, dues are $35 per year and covers our beer equipment library ( to be used for free by any member, snacks at meetings, beer competition shipping costs, Know Your Beer lecture example beers, experiments, etc., etc. Please come prepared to the April meeting, or swing by the Beer Nut Tuesday-Saturdays and pay Jamie if you know you'll miss April.

Board membership positions expire at this upcoming meeting. Our current positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Coordinator are all available to any enthusiastic, willing participant. We are also adding the position of Scientific Advisor to assist with experiment design and other such activities. Please consider nominating yourself, or another member for these positions.

Kelsey has begun filling out the application for the Radegast Club of the Year Award (, which is due March 31st. Please check out the link for the award criteria, and submit anything you feel is important and should be included in our application to Kelsey.

We talked about the Big Brew coming up on Sunday, March 29th. We'll be brewing at Kera's house (email forthcoming with her address), starting at about 10. We've previously staggered by an hour to accommodate cooling, but it sounds like she has a pretty sweet setup which will allow us to start probably every half hour or so. Jamie has offered to see if our local BSG Brewing supplies rep, Geoff, may donate ingredients as he has before for our Big Brew. If you and your partner get your recipe to Jamie by Monday, March 23rd, those ingredients may very well be free.

We have been presented an opportunity by a company called Kit Lab ( From the representative:

"Basically, it's a platform like Etsy or Ebay where HBCs can upload recipes and sell them on the web as beer ingredient kits. Our marketplace will pack and ship the kits and give you a portion of every sale - we're trying to keep your portion of the process as low-effort as possible :) We're hoping that homebrew clubs can use it to fund grain purchases, field trips, and whatever else your club needs some moolah for."

All we have to do is post recipes under our club name, and the club will pull in a portion of each of the kits they sell of our recipe, forever. Check out the site for more info. We'd love to get money for the recipes we're already gracious enough to publicly provide anyway. :) Please email recipes you're willing to share (and use to make the club money) to

Kelsey presented on the history of brewing, beginning with the history of women in brewing, all the way through ancient history the industrial revolution to prohibition. It was pretty cool to see how much beer shaped society, and how much different stages of history steered the beer style of the time. She provided Dogfish Head Brewing's Midas Touch, which is their recreation of an ancient recipe. Thank you Kelsey for the research and time (and yummy beer!) you put into this presentation.

Our nanomashing experiment went perfectly well, unlike last time. We steeped 1/2 pound each of eight base malts at about 120-130 degrees in 1 quart of water for about 45 minutes, then tasted the wort from each. The differences were very surprising, and I think a few of us decided which wort may never make it into our recipes. Talkin' to you Patagonia... But seriously though, it was a great way to understand which characteristics each of the base malts have to start the recipe off with, and which ones are suited to particular beer styles - and why. We mashed with German Munich, Belgian Pilsner, Gambrinus Pale, German Pilsner, Belgian Pale, Malteurop, Crisp Maris Otter and Patagonia Extra Pale.

Wonderful to see such a great turnout this meeting, and meet some new faces!


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