March 10, 2016 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Know your Beer- Kolsch

Emily talked about the history and characteristics of Kolsch (See notes).  Kolsch’s are hybrid beers that are fermented around 55-70 degrees and then conditioned by lagering at cold temperatures.  One way to do this without a refrigerator is wrapping your beer in a wet towel or putting it in ice water and using a fan to cool the beer.  Kolcsh’s  have a short shelf life and can oxidize quickly because of the the delicate ingredients such as low alpha acid noble hops. We compared Kolsch style beers to blonde, pilsner and cream ales.  Kolsch’s are breadier than pilsners because they can have malts like munich whiles pilsners are only pilsner malt.  The cream ale can have corn and rice adjuncts which give a lighter mouthfeel.  Blondes can have american hops while Kolsch’s should have german noble hops.  Emily also talked about how different glasses help emphasis the nose of different types of beer.  For example, Kolsch’s are served in a stange glass which is tall and narrow to help bring out the lightly hopped nose.  


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