June 9, 2015 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Thursday was our July open meeting that took place at my house in Centerville. We had a decent turn out considering the travel.

We are planning on participating in a big brew day in West Jordan on July 26. This is an open style brew day. Brew whatever you would like. We would really like it if you paired yourselves up. Anyone who is interested in participating in big brew, reply to me and then I will compose another email with those interested and set the plans from there. Please reply to me by end of the day Wednesday.

We purchased some cool trucker style caps with the Hop Bombshells logo on it if anyone wants one. They are $15 and are available at The Beer Nut during normal business hours.

For our meeting in August, which will be August 13 at The Beer Nut, we will be conducting our hop experiment. I believe we are concentrating on aroma. So, if I am not mistaken, we are doing the experiment on our own. Please bring 1-2 bottles of beer that you made with a single hop. I believe this will work best if we do a small version of a Single hop, single malt beer, and probably even extract for the sake of ease. Take good notes of when you added said hop to the beer i.e, last 15 minutes, last 5 minutes, flame out, and or dry hop. For those of you who participated in the cider experiment, you should have a one gallon bucket. This batch size should be easy and fast.

I believe this is all I have. Please have a terrific weekend. Our lovely Secretary Emily Park is running a booth at a few Farmer's Markets, check out her goodies and show her some support. (Saturdays at Gardner Village and Provo markets, Sundays at People's Market and Wheeler Farm)


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