July 10, 2013 Hop Bombshells Meeting

July's meeting was one of the biggest meetings we have had so far. We made our 1st attempt to a nanomashing experiment where we mashed variations of crystal grains in mason jars. We realized we needed bigger jars to give more water and we need to add less 2-row and more of the special grain to taste, since all of the mashes tasted like 2-row and were the same color. We decided not to continue this experiment and try again at another meeting. 

We tasted some homebrewer beers and some commercial beers. I especially liked Emily and Jamie's Hibiscus Black Pepper Saison. 

 We also discussed the calendar that we are in the middle of our photo shoot. Excited to see all of the pictures.

Ideas for the calendar:

  • Each girl has a "baseball card" where we have some stats about the girl
  • We need to decide on the background of the calendar
  • We need to find a printer and a way to fund the calendar


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