January 8, 2015 Hop Bomshells meeting

Welcome new members Morgan and Michelle!

We discussed a few club business items:

-AHA conference in San Diego, flights are cheap, and Tiffany can get 2 discounted rooms. Not sure on fees but we wanted to get it out there and see if we want to do this as a club.

-Jo and Becky are going to do a survey to see what we are interested in doing as a club, they will send out an email as soon as it’s ready.  We would encourage everyone to participate!

-Fundraiser this year will be stainless steel cups, we are going to order 144 at first and then order again. Should be easier than selling a calendar. A logo is going to be on the cups that was designed by Misti's friend. Because of the costs involved, we are thinking of selling them for $15, or $12? We need to donate again to a charity, so we will put some choices on the web.

-Dues and Elections are in April.

-Next brew day is last Sunday of March (saisons) at Kera's house.

We then had a presentation by Jamie, Know Your Beer: Pilsners (German, Bohemian, and American).  We sampled many different pilseners from a few countries and some locally made ones.  We tried to taste the differences between the styles (based on the BJCP guidelines) and the variations within the style.

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