February 12, 2015 Hop Bombshells Meeting

New members: Mindy and Helene.

Our new stainless steel mugs are here! We ask that we try and sell 5 cups each. They are $13 and will be at the Beer Nut.  If you would like to purchase them with credit card, they will be $15 each, since we get charge for Square service fees.  A portion of the proceeds will go to a local charity, and the rest will go towards activities for the club.

Next we had a lecture on lager fermentation by Donovan Steele, Brewmaster at Hopper's Brew Pub. He talked to us about key things on how to make a great lager, such balancing recipes and fermentation temperatures.  It was interesting how important it is to reduce diacetyl and other off-flavors in lager production, and he talked to us about a few ways to do that. For more info on this lecture, please email beer@hopbombshells.com

Next meeting we will do the mini-mash experiment 2.0 and Kelsey will be us a presentation on the history of beer.

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