August 9, 2013 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Hello Ladies,

We had a meeting that was off our normal schedule and we ended up with a great turn out. 

To recap what we did- drank a few examples of a Biere de Garde for brew day on Sunday. We will be brewing at Becky's house on Sunday, Aug. 11. She will be sending her address out tomorrow

I didn't hear all of the brew partner set ups but I believe that Rose and Holly are brewing together, Emily P and Edna are brewing together. I have Rhonda, Wendy, and Leah and I believe Britt is being paired with Becky. Tiff is only available for a short time. If anyone else is interested, please send me an email. 

Those of you in the calendar, you have a job that has a quick deadline. You need to come up with a brewery name for yourself. It will be a "stamp" on your calendar month. You also need to come up with three answers to any of the following questions:

  • Your favorite beer to brew or drink
  • Your favorite or most useful brewing equipment
  • brewing since
  • random fact about you
  • other brewing obsessions
  • gallons of beer you make /year

I know this requires some thought but if we could have it to Britt Sunday or shortly after, it will help us get things moving along. 

September's meeting will be at one of our houses. Date is to be determined. If we keep with the second Wednesday, that date is September 11.  I know we have asked this before but please let me know what day of the week works best for meetings. We seemed to get quite a turnout for this Friday meeting. 

We are wondering if the 2nd Fri of the month works better for you? 

I think this is everything. Hopefully we'll see most if not all of you on Sunday.

Jamie & Becky

p.s.If I forgot anyone, I sincerely apologize as it was midnight when i composed this email. 

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