April 10, 2014 Hop Bombshells Meeting

Thank you for all who brought their ciders last night! There were really tasty ones.  A lot of us really liked the Edinburgh yeast that Rhonda used, the Cry Havoc from Misti, and the Cote des Blancs from Meghan.  So many were good though, so it was an interesting experiment.  If you weren't able to bring them last night, feel free to bring them to any future meetings - we would love to sample them.

With official club news:

Kat moved back to Utah recently, so welcome back Kat!

Jamie showed off the new Dickey's shirt with our logo and it looks amazing!  We would like to get a number of shirts done all at once to save us a little money because the shirts will be out of pocket.  Jamie - what do you need from those who want a shirt?  Size and color? 

We talked about doing more club meetings around BJCP judging and certification since there are new members that are interested.  We will try to do a few mock-judging sessions with a couple of our meetings to gear up for competition season.  All are encouraged to sign up for stewarding or judging for the Beehive Brewoff (in August) and the Bier Brauen (in September).  These can also get you points to go towards your BJCP certification.  If you have any questions about the process or about any competitions, email any one of us on the board (Jamie, Becky, Emily, Brittany, or me) and we will be happy to answer.

Speaking of competitions, we would really like for a lot of us to enter into the Queen of Beers, usually held in October.  I think we could really sweep the competition if all of us entered a beer or two.  

Of course we would also like to represent in the local competitions too, so let's get brewing!

Next months meeting will be a tour of Bonneville's brewery. Stay tuned for details.



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