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Congratulations to Rose Flato winning 2nd place for her Marzen and Emily Warburton winning 3rd place for her and Eric's California Common in the Lagerpalooza Homebrew Competition!

Upcoming Events:

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

July 16, 2-8pm @ Canyon Rim Park East (all beer-lovers invited)

Please bring a dish & beer to share. We will have tasting sheets available if you would like feedback on your homebrews.

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds July 19th, 7pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs August 10th, 7-9pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Activity: What is a Cicerone? 

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds August 16th, 7-9pm @ Epic Brewing

825 South State Salt Lake City

Utah Beer Festival:

Thurs August 19th, 7-9pm @ Utah State Fairpark

155 N 1000 W, Salt Lake City 

Beehive Brew-off Homebrew Competition:

Entries due: August 11, 4:59pm @ the Beer Nut 

Judging: August 26-27 @ the Bayou

Hop Bombshells Meeting:

Thurs September 14th, 7-9pm @ Shades of Pale Brewing

Activity: Making fermented Veggies 

Hop Bombshells Hoppy Hour:

Weds September 20th, 7pm @ Squatters 

We would like to hear your feedback about our club:

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Check out our recipe page on BrewToad.com


 Cheers from the Hop Bombshells!

Photo by Leah Hogsten Photo of members of the Hopbombshells Brew Club, at the Beer Hive pub in Salt Lake City, September 9, 2013.


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